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Better Charging –

From swish solar roofs and elegant timber structures to coworking spaces, films and gym equipment, what will the filling station – or, more accurately, the charging station – of the future look like? At SMA Innovation Management, we’ve gazed into what lies ahead.

Floating power plants

What produces electricity with incredible efficiency – and on otherwise unused space? Floating PV systems are increasingly common worldwide and present a unique aesthetic…

The Master of Drive

We spoke to Martina Hofmann shortly before she became head of the newly created “Renewable BW” department at the Climate Action and Energy Agency of Baden-Württemberg (KEA-BW) on July 1, 2023.

Solar energy from space

In space, the sun shines day and night, no clouds to dim the light. We could generate energy around the clock with photovoltaics there. Will we soon be obtaining our electricity from orbit?

Green Energy with a Side of Vegetables

When growing hay and forage crops was no longer enough to ensure the survival of grandpa Jack’s farm in Boulder County, Colorado, grandson Byron Kominek went looking for a new source of income. In doing so, he became a pioneer in agri-photovoltaics, or agrivoltaics.